Once When We Were Human
by Anthony Douglas: ex-gang leader, junkie now poet, paralyzed from gang war, college educated working with gang kids.
His motto: "I'm grateful to be rollin' somewhere, 'cause i was walkin' nowhere." 

I saw five children playing
video games yesterday, and remembered
we were all young, innocent and human
before we were contaminated
by hatred, fear, lies and greed
we worship Political Agenda
today's uncontested Creator Of Truth
"For whosoever seeks, The Kingdom of God"
must go through Washington
"For to reach The Father, you must go through The Son"
who can be found, we are led to believe
on the floors of the House and in Senate seats
I envision future children talking to congressmen
at night when they fall to their knees to pray
Senators blessing them
"Go and sin no more my child", vote for me
and the Kingdom of Heaven you shall one day see
has American morality, patriotism, capitolism
Democracy availed us no more than a land of pseudoisms
after struggling through, while still aching from,
the shameful, humanity-breaking events of our past
A person might think we could find somewhere down in the American soul
the desire to forgive and be forgave
in the cleansing waters of Truth
or at very least, reclaim a bit of our humanity,
because in spite of what anyone says
we were all young, innocent, and human

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