I Am ... Everything
by J.T. age 18; female; adolescent facility ©1998

I am everything you're not.
I am alot of things.
I am everything.
I am the darkness in the light and the night.
I am orphaned without a cry.
I am the homicidal hate in every psycho's non-confident calmness.
I am everyone's nightmare in the cold, uncomfortable death of the choking night.
I am the sly, confident-moving, intimidating mind that likes to play cat and mouse with yours.
I am the very understanding, rare extreme genius the non-confident psychos seek.
I am the unconditional understanding and love you wish you could be.
I am the purist sole - deeper than the abyss in the sea.
I am everything you wish you could be.
I am the sorrow and pain of everything you wish you could escape.
I am the suicide pain and fires of hell of everyone's rage.
And if there is, in fact a hell, I am the one who you will see there and you will suffer for that.

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