HOPE-HOWSE and Healing Touch
by Eva Sotus (HH presenter on 2/4/01)

To me HOPE-HOWSE is an action word for the concepts I believe in which holds that we are all responsible for each other through shared love and compassion. By putting a hand down to reach those on the shared path, and to take hold of the hand above us so that through shared knowledge, which is attained through actual experiences and expressed love, we can all get 'home' together.

I feel that Jane has an amazing ability to bring people together for this purpose and to help focus all of us to the individual. Its easy to write a check (which has its validity) but harder and more valuable to actually reach an individual. Supporting Jane in her work alone reaches so many people, from the death row inmate to the young soul that needs finding. I am honored to be trusted with the vulnerability that any of these souls have when they open up to one of us.

I am sure it is no mistake that one meets Jane. I am certainly glad I did. I previously owned a pre-school and worked with young people during the past 19 years. I experienced a transformation three years ago, that included the desire to work with adults via the medium of touch. I strongly feel a 'mothers love' when in session and understand this calling. As a body worker, reflexologist and skin care specialist, I am dealing with the most intimate parts of a being physically - which in turn often brings awareness spiritually. In the beautiful perfect way of this work I am also 'fed' this spiritual 'food' and walk away with a feeling of contentment. I look forward to the upcoming gathering and all its possibilities.

In love, Eva

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