"Reb Zalman" is the founder of the Jewish Renewal Movement and Rabbinic Chair/ ALEPH - Alliance for Jewish Renewal, Professor Emeritus of Religion/ Temple University and Director of the Center for Engaged Spirituality/ Naropa University

To Whom it May Concern, Brakhot w'shalom:


I was recently made aware of the great Mitzvah [blessing] work of Jane Davis and HOPE-HOWSE. I was enthusiastic about the compassionate caring she brings to people who seem to use their imprisonment for deep T'shuvah [return to light] work. When I visit prisons it is usually the result of a correspondence with an inmate who seeks spiritual help. But Jane is proactive.


Each time a compassionate act for a prisoner is made, the chances of recidivism are reduced. It becomes not only a societal form of Tikkun Olam [healing the world] but also one of real personal rehabilitation. Jane walks in the human spirit where few dare to go. Her "clientele" includes people who were rapists, serial killers, pedophiles, gang kids, and even Rabbis and Priests. She knows how to contact the true and sacred core of these individuals and is willing to help wherever she is called.


Please read some of the material enclosed and treat it as the sacred opportunity to do a mitzvah [blessed deed] for people who need encouragement. Please familiarize yourself with her work. Your heart will bless her and you will be moved to support it financially, spiritually and in any way you can.


Invite her to speak. Invite her to do a workshop. Invite her to open hearts and minds.


I pray that your Mitzvah will be rewarded with the blessings you wish for and remain




Reb Zalman

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