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August 27th, 2010 Bringing Light to the Darkness: Laughter Yoga in Prisons

Once a month "HOPE-HOWSE presents Concerts in the Yard and the Spoken Word" takes place at the Penitentiary of New Mexico. This banner was created by John Cavanaugh and printed by Paper Tiger supporting our work in the Santa Fe community. Thank you to all who are part of this new series. Here is the schedule of musicians. ALL are donating their time to this great project. One of the musicians said, "I think I'm getting paid far too much for this gig!!" If you want to come play in the prison with us please contact HOPE-HOWSE.

2010 Events

(One of the first acts of business the new Deputy Warden at PNM Level 2 did was to cut the concerts/spoken word series to quarterly. We sincerely hope to get back to monthly in the near future.)

  • January 20: Indigie Femme
  • April 21: Tom Lagana - co-author of "Chicken Soup for the Prisoner's Soul"
  • July: 21: Soulman Sam
  • Oct. 20:

2009 Events

  • January 15: The Lost Circus
  • February 19: Indigie Femme (Native American music)
  • March 19: Madi Sato
  • April 16: Wise Fool Circus (circus performance)
  • May 14: George Adelo and White Thunder
  • June 18: Robert Mirabal - Grammy award winning and PBS special Native American musician
  • July 15: Roark Barron & Laurianne Fiorentino
  • August 19: Red Hot and Blue - Led by Johnny West, RH&B performs from blues to country
  • September 16 or 19: Chuy Martinez and his mariachi team - Chuy brings anywhere from 3 - 15 musicians
  • October 21: Silvermouse - Silvermouse blends traditional gypsy styles and instrumentation with sometimes ambient, sometimes banging dance beats and bass lines
  • November 18: Smokin' Bachi Taiko - Returning for their second prison gig. These Japanese drummers capture everyone's attention
  • December 16: Spellbinders - Led by Pete Amahl (formerly with Junior Brown), these talented musicians play Motown, funk and R&B

2008 Events

  • June 27: Zuva Marimba Band
  • July 25: Tony Buford and Steppen' Out (R&B)
  • August 14: SWANGRIA - Michael Kott & friends
  • September 19: Kenny Skywolf (blues) (This is our annual celebration of HOPE-HOWSE Day which this year is Sept. 21 as declared by the Governor. We always have shared the day with the guys in Level 2.)
  • October 16: Tone & Company (with Tony Buford)
  • November 13: Smokin' Bachi Taiko
  • December 18: Roberto Cappochi (Spanish guitar)

In New Mexico

First Friday

On the first Friday of each month we sponsor the Haciendola's, the Hispanic self-help group on the Penitentiary of New Mexico.

Second Saturday

On the 2nd Saturday of each month, we sponsor the Black Awareness Group (BAG), a self-help group in the penitentiary.

Third Wednesday

On the third Wednesday of the month we bring in musicians who also donate their time and talent for "HOPE-HOWSE presents Concerts in the Yard & The Spoken Word."

Fourth Thursday

On the 4th Thursday of each month, we sponsor the Gray Eagles, a Native American self-help group of prisoners in the penitentiary.

In Atlanta

(Contact Debbie Ellison [email protected])

Creative Writing Programs

We use writing as a tool for healing and have a number of on-going, diverse programs and workshops.

There are currently two writing programs in two women’s prisons in Georgia.

For additional information or to schedule a talk in your home or community please contact [email protected] or (505) 983-6677.


Metro State Prison; ATLANTA, GA

Vicki Steele:
"It opened a whole new area in my mind and my life I didn't know existed. It has allowed me to be able to express myself in words."

Mozel Anderson:
"The writing group has been a new challenge for me. I'm looking forward to attending the group."

Melissa Slack:
"Encouraging...let's me know that I can still turn my life around and make a difference in this world, whether through It has also taught me that, through others' stories, out of any tragedy or difficult circumstance, at the end of that road is a beautiful beginning."

Jana Mull:
"This group has done a lot for me. I've tried to surround myself with positive things and positive people. This group has provided another outlet for me to do that."

Debbie Ellison, Facilitator:
"Being part of Mark My Words has changed my life for the better. The women in the group are my greatest teachers. They teach me about hope, strength, and being positive in a very negative place. Through our writing, we continue to bring light to the darkness that surrounds them."

Past Events

HOPE-HOWSE International
MIRIAM OHEVET-EL, Representing
in Jerusalem

Miriam is a world-renowned singer and songwriter and activist for peace – first in our hearts. She is on the Board of ALL NATIONS CAFÉ bringing Jews, Muslims and Christians together in song, dance, chanting and breaking bread.
WHEN: Saturday,
July 21,
from 6 – 11 PM
WHERE: Dragonfly Sanctuary; Madrid, NM
FEE: $10 minimum donation (tax deductible) and pot luck