frequently asked questions

  1. What exactly is HOPE-HOWSE?

    HOPE-HOWSE is an acronym for a philosophy as well as a 501c3 not-for-profit organization.

  2. The Acronym:

    Help Other People Evolve
    Honest Open Willing Self Evaluation

  3. The Philosophy: Honesty - Faith - Action

    Philosophically, it's about learning to BE "love in action" by encouraging people to look deeply into their own souls, with self-honesty, becoming the strongest and most accountable person they can -- mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Coupled with a belief in some sort of Higher Power, we encourage sharing our true selves with others and doing good deeds daily.

  4. As a not-for-profit:

    We sought status as a 501c3, not-for-profit organization, for those people who choose to help us with donations where a tax deduction can be offered, as well as bringing a stronger validity to the work and message. While providing benefits to those who help us, monetarily, in our work of peace and human dignity - we also provide the feeling that they are a part of doing good in the world.

  5. *What is it's aim?

    The aim of HOPE-HOWSE is to contribute to creating peace and human dignity in the world. We do this by creating a spiritual and physical place for people to come together, to connect to the love that we all share in being human. The first place we begin with is our individual selves, expanding from there, a loving energy into the world.

  6. *Is it a religion?

    No. The psycho-spiritual model encourages meditation, prayer, a connection to a Higher Power outside oneself and putting the principles of love and human dignity in action, often where it is quite difficult to apply them. The model can be applied to any chosen path as a supplement and enhancer.

  7. *Is it a membership organization?


  8. *How can I participate?

    There are many ways. Contact us by email, phone or mail. On a spiritual level, the first step is to open your heart to love and acceptance of oneself and then others. The second step is to make a commitment to honest, open, willing self-evaluation. The third step is to begin to apply the lessons learned through this evaluation to your own life and your own path.

    You can also help by supporting us in the work we do on a financial level. Any donations are welcome and greatly appreciated, including frequent flyer miles.

  9. *Who is part of HOPE-HOWSE?

    Today we serve people from prisons to pulpits. From boardrooms to bedrooms. From many diverse countries, religions and sexual persuasions. Humans striving for peace in themselves and the world around them.

  10. *Who is jane davis?

    jane davis is the founder of HOPE-HOWSE. she earned her AB in Cultural Anthropology and her Master's degree in Social Work from Washington University in St. Louis. she combines her formal training with life's experiences -- her own and those of others -- in all she does always seeking human answers, in thoughts and deeds, of how to achieve a higher state of being and a transformation of collective conscience.